Ko Chang (Thai: เกาะช้าง, pronounced [kɔ̀ʔ tɕʰáːŋ], also Koh Chang) is an amphoe (district) in Trat Province, Thailand. It is on the Gulf of Thailand’s eastern seaboard, 310 km from Bangkok, near the border with Cambodia. It is the country’s third largest island, after Phuket and Ko Samui, and the largest island in the Mu Ko Chang National Park archipelago.

The name means “Elephant Island”, and comes from its elephant-shaped headland. Despite the presence of elephants on the island, they are not indigenous. At present, there are nine villages on the island.

Getting to Koh Chang

Ko Chang has no airport. The nearest airport is in Trat on the mainland. A minibus service runs from the airport to hotels on Ko Chang.

There are two main roads on Ko Chang, running the length of the east and west coasts. Both roads start at Ao Sapparot in the north, near the ferry piers. Shorter roads branch out to Ploytalay Resort and Keereephet, Khlong Nueng, and Klong Phu waterfalls. Songthaew operate on the two main roads, providing both public transport and taxi services. Motorbike rental and motorbike-taxis are available.

The nearest long distance road transport is at Trat town, from where the 310 km journey to Bangkok takes five hours by bus.

There are two ferry companies that run services from the mainland to Ko Chang. Both take vehicles and passengers. There are now no passenger-only boats to the island. Ferries run from around 06:30 until 19:30. During high season, from November to May, there are passenger-only boat services from Ko Chang to the outlying islands of Ko Wai, Ko Mak, and Ko Kood.

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